Margaret is an Author, Graphic and Textile artist living and working in Ferny Creek, Melbourne.  She has conducted workshops in churches, schools and communities around Australia and in the UK.  Specialising in the use and understanding of symbols in her work, Margaret developed a symbolism using the unique Australian flora, fauna and animals, which was published as “Banners and Graphics for Jubilation.” Her work is used widely as a resource for textile artists, churches and schools.   Representing Australia, her liturgical banners have hung in many overseas countries.  Her textile skills involved her with many ethnic communities and with Aboriginal communities in Northern Australia; skill sharing, co-ordinating exhibitions of their work, and promoting and assisting emerging artists.  

Over recent years Margaret has assisted the Somali Community to commit to paper for the first time their oral stories, Somalian Stories, Kulmiye the Last of the Lion Hunters and the editing and construction of Mariam Issa's book, A Resiliat Life. 

Her other publications include Hidden Beauty, Images from an Ancient Land and Australian Banners and Graphics for Jubilation, both Graphic Illustration books for  use in schools and churches.

Her published novels include,   “Beyond The Mirage” a mystery/romance set in Central Australia over two centuries, dealing with the lives of migrants who came to work on the establishment of the overland railway along the Ooodnadatta Track.  

“Henry’s Rebellion” is the strange tale of a little boy lost to his family in Ireland, where his father was a regimental officer in the Queen’s Royal Artillery in the mid 1800’s.  Threatened with death as a traitor to the Crown, Henry with the help of his Irish playmates escapes to the mines - later to strangely arrive in Australia where one of his his siblings has already settled.

Her latest Novel is the story of Mary Wells, "The Price She Paid " is set in the City of York UK in the 1800's where birth, wealth and social standing mattered most.   Mary born of a family of wealth is seduced by a young cavalry officer and left to deal with her predicament alone.  Part fiction, part fact, Mary will touch your heart. .

With a diploma in ‘Children’s Writing’ her work also includes children’s stories.

Her Graphic illustrations are widely used for publications and art work.

Recently Margaret has been committing her designs and illustrations to Tile Work.  These versatile tiles are fired and ready to be used as wall hangings or to brighten up other tile installations.  

Those who wish to commit their stories to book form and need some assistance are welcome to contact Margaret who offers an editing and manuscript development service.



Margaret is interested in helping you to idevelop and bring to print your story - experience - and joy of living.

But first of all you must come to realise - you do have a story to tell!    Would love to tell it!   And just need some encouragement.

Happy to discuss it with you!






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