Hi, I'm Margaret - thanks for visiting my website.

I'm an artist in textiles, digital art, graphics and embroidery and a published author.  I've worked in many art mediums sharing my skills through workshops in Australia and the UK, aboriginal communities and in schools and churches.

I've written and had published a number of books, and published articles including three novels, two graphic art books and two books for the Somali Refugee community, and the development of the  manuscript for Mariam Issa's book detailing her experiences as a Somali girl/mother/refugee and finally Australian citizen.  Look it up on my book page.

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I live in an environmentally sensitive and beautiful area of Victoria and my art work reflects my interest in the amazing flora and fauna of Australia.  I have drawn all the digital illustrations on this website by hand - using the mouse.  

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A Aden & Margaret Gambold
KULMIYE SYNOPSIS This is the story of extraordinary young men of a past era, who fought and killed the lion in the grasslands of Somalia, adhering to the strictest of hunting codes.
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